Relatively unknown to many people, Michael Madsen has compiled an impressive resumee. Check out my links to some of the movies he's been in.

Name Year Also Starring Michael's Character
Pretty Boy Floyd '97-'98?
Catherine's Grove 1997
The Maker 1997 Matthew Modine Skarney
Donnie Brasco 1997 Al Pacino
Johnny Depp
Sonny Black
The Last Days of Frankie the Fly 1997 Dennis Hopper
Daryl Hannah
Man with a Gun 1996 Jennifer Tilly
Gary Busey
John Hardin
Mulholland Falls 1996 Nick Nolte
Melanie Griffith
Red Line 1996
The Winner 1996 Rebecca deMornay Johnny
Free Willy 2 1995 Glen Greenwood
Species 1995 Ben Kingsley
Natasha Henstridge
Preston Lennox
Blue Tiger 1994 Gun Salesman (uncreditted)
Dead Connection
A.K.A. Final Combination
1994 Lisa Bonet Matt Dickson
The Getaway 1994 Alec Baldwin
Kim Basinger
Rudy Travis
Season of Change 1994 Randy Parker
Wyatt Earp 1994 Kevin Costner
Gene Hackman
Virgil Earp
Free Willy 1993 Glen Greenwood
A House in the Hills 1993 Mickey
Inside Edge 1993 Richard Montana
Money For Nothing 1993 John Cusack Det. Pat Laurenzi
Trouble Bound 1992 Patricia Arquette Harry Talbot
Beyond the Law 1992 Charlie Sheen Blood
Almost Blue 1992 Morris Poole
Reservoir Dogs 1992 Harvey Keitel
Tim Roth
Mr. Blonde/Vic
Straight Talk 1992 Dolly Parton Steve Labell
To Kill For 1992
Baby Snatcher (TV) 1992 Nancy McKeon Cal Hudson
Fatal Instinct 1992 Cliff Burden
The Doors 1991 Val Kilmer
Meg Ryan
Tom Baker
Thelma and Louise 1991 Susan Sarandon
Gena Davis
The End of Innocence 1990 Earl
Montana (TV) 1990 Pierce
Iguana 1989
Kill Me Again 1989 Val Kilmer
Joanne Whalley-Kilmer
Vince Miller
One for the Road 1989
War and Remembrance (TV mini-series) 1989
Quantum Leap (TV guest appearance) 1989
Blood Red 1988 Enzio
Shadows in the Storm 1988 Ned Beatty
Mia Sara
The Killing Time 1987 Kiefer Sutherland
Beau Bridges
Our Family Honor (TV mini-series) 1985
The Natural 1984 Robert Redford
Glen Close
Bump Bailey
Racing with the Moon 1984 Sean Penn
Nicholas Cage
Miami Vice (TV guest appearance) 1984
WarGames 1983 Matthew Broderick
Ally Sheedy
Special Bulletin (TV) 1983
St. Elsewhere (TV guest appearance) 1982
Against All Hope 1975 Maureen McCarthy